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We, The Legal is our podcast on what it truly means to be a legal immigrant in America today.

The idea that the struggles of legal immigrants in the US are often minimized or even downright ignored, because many of them often have the trappings of the good life.

A combination of legal complexity, personal vulnerability and the image of legal immigrants working in snazzy fields, has resulted in an utter absence of discussion in the public realm, of the very real issues they face, at the hands of the US immigration system. But in reality, some of your immigrant friends, haven't traveled to their home countries is years, because they don't want to risk their immigration cases.

You have colleagues that are going about their jobs, setting aside the stress of having a case pending before the US government, right now, an adverse outcome to which, could end their existence in the US, on a day's notice.

People raise families and build lives on these same shaky foundations....because what other choice do you have?

They buy houses, make investments, buy cars and put down hesitant roots, all the while hoping that a single denial of an application, or the loss of a job, doesn't just throw them all to the winds.

We want to peel back this picturesque wallpaper and take an honest look, at just what costs the American Dream exacts on legal immigrants.

Note: Many of the team members and guests at We, The Legal still live and work in the US and may have business before US immigration agencies. They have well-founded concerns on their names being publicly associated with content that critically examines US immigration.

So, we have a policy of using first names only and names and identifiable may be changed, as requested.

We take our mission seriously and are committed to factual, accurate representations of facts, policies and experiences in our podcast and on our website.

In furtherance of this commitment, we will provide references for the data we use and link to credible news sources when we draw from them.

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