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When we started We, The Legal we did so with the aim of defining the problem. Indeed, that was the name of the introduction episode!

Now, 4 episodes down the road we hope that we have conveyed the details, depth and disruption behind some of the most common issues in the employment-based legal immigration system that we have today.

We chose to be vulnerable, open, transparent. We picked guests who could provide a wide lens on the issues behind their professional facades and often significant accomplishments.

But, while the series of four episodes concludes with us tying up the loose ends, the issue goes on as does the endeavor we have embarked upon, to shine a light on the lives being lived on this path.

If you have been, thank you for listening to a podcast that gives everyday immigrants a chance to share their stories.

We want to hear from you, our listeners, no matter where you happen to stand on the arena of immigration. As an audience, a stakeholder, a curious bystander or out on the streets, far away from it all.

Have something to share with us? Leave us a voice message here (which might be featured in a future episode!).

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Share your opinions and stories, your anecdotes and challenges because the tapestry of this discussion is made rich by all of those who participate in it factually, respectfully and productively.